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Wedding Albums

The book album

A story to leaf through in an elegant book album.

No special effects, but only sobriety, refinement, elegance, for a unique product that must represent you and last over time.

The photo book is currently one of the most requested products by couples about to get married.

The high quality of the materials and prints make the photo book a durable product over time.

Completely made by us, it expresses an album concept that was unthinkable until recently. An excellent job in both printing and binding that allows 180 degree opening without interruption.

In our photo books there are no intrusive graphics and dubious writing.

Maximum emphasis on the photos, on you, on the detail you have chosen for your wedding, on the guests, on the Location.

Everything is highlighted at maximum power, thanks to the possibility of combining large photos with small photos.

recordia album
album libro matrimonio

The classic album

Very refined in its simplicity, it is the evolution of the classic black cardboard album, thickened with 25 × 38 cm photos glued on a 40 × 30 cm page.

In this new version the cardboard results with a greater thickness, so it makes a full page opening on a single plane without the intersection tissue.

The same album is presented in the Vintage version in the 35 × 35 cm format, with the same characteristics as the aforementioned. On both models you can choose the color of the card in pure white or black.

recordia album
album con foto incollate matrimonio

Album for parents

Families are important protagonists and therefore will have a very personal box set.
The albums for parents will contain the family photos of their child, the rest will be important photos of the whole story and will be glued on an elegant black sheet of an album of the 25 × 25 cm format.
The video story of the wedding will be the same as the main one that will be made for the newlyweds and will be delivered in an elegant wooden USB PEN DRIVE.
The care in the realization and the choice of materials are always of the highest level, like that of the newlyweds, all delivered on a suitcase of the same color as the album which can be chosen in brown, white or black.
Parents will receive a free poster of their choice from the studio to display at home as a souvenir of an unforgettable day …

album genitori
album matrimonio famiglia

The mini poket

They are the identical copy of the book album, in the pocket size of 12 × 17 cm, they are made on a lighter support in a 4-piece kit, they are very nice to give to family members, witnesses or carry in your handbag to always have it within reach.

pocket wedding album
mini wedding albums

Fine Art Hahnemuhle Book Album

We present the new Gold Book Album 30 × 40, with an innovative design with leather cover and interiors printed on “Fine Art Hahnemule Photo Matt Fiber” photographic paper, practical, elegant and ultra-thin. Sicily Wedding Venues

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