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Saline of Trapani

During a weekend in July I found myself in the quiet town of Trapani, where in other periods of stay in the same I had crossed the corridor that runs through the ancient salt pans, but I had never forwarded to deepen the ancient system of production of this our important natural element.

The casual meeting with a dear friend who works inside “Cuor di Sale Salinagrande” intrigued me to go this time inside a saline.

The reception was surprising. Immediately Stefano Terranova, the owner called his “Curatolo” who, riding on the saddle of his Vespa 50, reached me from the saline tanks, ready to accompany me on a tour of the ancient production of Sea Salt.

Massimo is one of those people, of which a company with such a complex production cycle, can not do without. It surprised me a lot, understand from his knowledge of school handed down from his ancestors, the importance of water temperatures with its entrance channels from the sea to the decanting that thanks to precise waiting times and weather conditions lead to a entirely integral product without any chemical processing.

I still feel the taste of the sea after having tasted that heart of salt collected with real love …

saline of Trapani