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Photo Album

Book Album

To take a glance at an elegant album… There is not any special effect but only simplicity, sobriety, sophistication, elegance for an exclusive product that must represent you and it must last you for years. Nowadays book album is one of the most popular models of album because of the high quality of materials and lasting printings. It has totally accomplished from us and it expresses a unthinkable concept of album until not long ago. An excellent work whether in the printing or in the binding that allows an opening to 180 degrees without interruptions. There are not intrusive graphics and writing of doubtful taste. We will give prominence to you, your photos, details, guests, location that you have chosen for your wedding.

The classical album

It is very sophisticated in its simplicity and it represents the evolution of the classical album with black cardboard, with photos of size 25×38 cm pasted on page 40×30 cm. In this new version the cardboard has a bigger thickness; therefore, there will be an opening of whole page on unique level, without a tissue-paper of intersection. The same album will have suggested in the Vintage Version of size 35×35 cm with the same characteristics. It will be possible to choose the color of the cardboard, white or black.

The mixed album

The mixed abum stems from the creation of two albums, classic and book, alternating the pages of the photo book with the classic pages with black cardboard on which will be applied a photo printed on a fine photographic paper called “Fine Art”.

Albums for parents

The families are very important for the happiest day of your life and so they will receive a personal little box. In the albums for your parents there will be some photos of his/her own son or daughter, then different photos of your story pasted on a elegant, black sheet of paper of an album size 25×25 cm.

The  wedding film will be equal to the main one that will be made for the couple and will be delivered in an elegant wooden PEN DRIVE USB

Mini Pokets

They are the identical copy of the book album, in the pocket size of 12 × 17 cm, they are made on a lighter support in 4-piece kit, they are very nice to give to family members or carry in a handbag to have it always at hand.

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