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Historical Archive

Historical archive of the images created

from the photographic studio 
umberto fotografi

Pasqua a Caltagirone: San Pietro, la Giunta, la Spartenza

Easter in Caltagirone with the rites borrowed from the Spanish tradition. 
The central moment of religious and folkloristic rites,
which are held in the early afternoon,
is the meeting between the Virgin of Sorrows with the black
cloak and the Risen Son. The Madonna abandons her black coat
and presents herself to the crowd with a bright blue coat. But the protagonist of the festival is also and above all
the "San Pietro", a gigantic mannequin that is hoisted
on the shoulders of a bearer. He is the "courier" to bring
the announcement of the resurrection of the son to the Mother.

Procession of the Dead Christ - Holy Friday in Caltagirone

Easter is also deeply felt in Caltagirone, one of the strongest moments for the faith of this city is Good Friday, when the Cataletto of the dead Christ, that is a wooden sculpture placed in an urn built in wood and glass and finished with gold , and the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows are carried in procession. The two statues are carried on the shoulder by the faithful.

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