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famiglia di pasquale

The photographic studio umberto & figli FOTOGRAFIA was born in Sicily in 1966 conceived by the parents Umberto and Sara, both photographers. Since childhood Davide and Dante have started working in the family studio where they learned the art of photography which has become a life passion. Parents, despite being retired, still follow the business today by giving the right directions and their professional teachings. In 2014 the photographic studio became part of the WECONCEPT ITALY group which represents the excellence of wedding companies in Italy. Today the studio is inside the ZOLFINDUSTRY space design in via Simeto 6/16 Catania. Over the years Davide and Dante have specialized in the wedding reportage sector aiming at the creation of spontaneous photo and video services.

Who we are

Videographer catania videografo catania

Dante Di Pasquale


fotografi siciliani

Davide Di Pasquale


We are here to capture your moments ..

We are grow in the studio of our parents who have started opening their business to Caltagirone in 1966. I am Davide Di Pasquale, I was born in 1968; I am photographer and I am involved in a photographic section. I work with my brother and his name is Dante Di Pasquale. He was born in 1974 and he is videomaker.

In life

The originality, the best friends, the confidence, the curiosity, the respect, the solidarity, the calm tones, the life in the open air, the sea, the sport and finally the outfit are our characteristics.

In the Work

A profession that over the years has given us great personal satisfaction thanks to the many followers who follow us assiduously on our website and on the most popular social networks and it is this enthusiasm that has led us to the continuous search for a dynamic, detailed reportage style , spontaneous, without poses and forcing, clean, non-invasive and as faithful as possible to reality. For us it is a joy to share with our future spouses the most beautiful day of their lives, actively participating with advice and suggestions always in a rather discreet manner .We enter the scene almost “on tiptoe” by filming and photographing the leading actors, young, polite, easy-going, friendly guys that we follow from the preparation of the morning until the long-awaited moment of cutting the “wedding cake”. The greatest satisfaction after so many years of profession, it is always that of receiving numerous positive feedbacks from the spouses ati after watching their video or their photos a myriad of times. The result is the story of that special day in 20 minutes with the most salient moments from the preparation of the bride, the church, the exterior until the reception in the hall. Personally, we have developed the idea of ​​rejuvenating the classic wedding video giving it a rhythm more similar to the cinematographic language creating a trailer where the music is a decisive element, essential to the image, as if they were one single thing. Our task will therefore be to transform a day in the end always equal to itself into a unique event made of new emotions. Usually almost all shooting sessions take place in Sicily, for example many foreigners choose Taormina as the setting for their “yes”, but it also happens to make weddings and events throughout Italy.

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