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To tell a story according to a professional photographer is not the place we go to with advanced cameras,
but it is necessary to follow a story with the knowledge, the study and the appropriate qualification.
To take a photo means to find in everything what the photographer has understood with his mind.
Great photo is the image of an idea. It should be better to understand what happens behind the facts for to represent them.
We do not snatch you from your guests for hours and we do not ask you about “to look into each other`s eyes and smile”.
The freshness of your expressions will be never forced because our aim is to catch the more intense,
amusing and romantic moments of your day without to pose.
We like to be with happy people in wonderful locations and we like also the atmosphere and the party.
We want to perceive the more intimate funny and exciting moments whom even the bride and the bridegroom do not notice.
We do not use the flash, if there are extreme cases;
therefore, we do not set over the altar any kind of artificial lighting for video shooting but we prefer natural lighting.
Sicily Wedding

Our last shoot

fotografo siracusa

Wedding Photography Sicily – Villa Infinito Mare



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